It has taken eight years for Brandon Cronenberg to create his second film and POSSESSOR is everything that fans of his first film could hope for and even more than they might have dreamed of.

POSSESSOR is the story of Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough), a corporate assassin who works for Girder (Jennifer Jason Leigh) in an unnamed and shadowy company. Tasya is a mom with a family that she’s separated from and who houses an unquiet spirit that her boss finds ever so useful. After one unnecessarily bloody assassination and an half-hearted attempt to reconcile with her husband and live…

Six tales of ordinary people in the grip of rage whose plans for revenge go wildly out of control or go as exactly as planned, depending on how you look at it. Shocking, hilarious, and audacious, this film is a rollercoaster of emotion and thrills that is based in the complex psychology of human beings who are really pissed off. This is so totally my kind of film. It has my highest recommendation. Don’t wait, watch it asap.

If you’ve ever had road rage after someone cut you off in traffic or met someone who did something singularly terrible…

I honestly don’t know if this is something that I am going to do as a continuing thing, but I decided to start writing down my recommendations for lesser known or vaguely remembered films that deserve to be watched, so that people might actually remember that I said, “Hey, this movie is good.”


It’s a darkly comic mind bomb about a national lottery where six regular Americans are chosen to fight to the death on a reality TV show. It’s the seventh series and the champion, the last survivor of the previous series, has to…

Yo, with 96, 000, I’d finally fix housing
Give the barrio computers and wireless web browsing
Your kids are living without a good edumacation change the station,
Teach them about gentrification, the rent is escalating (what?)
The rich are penetrating (what?)
We pay our corporations
When we should be demonstrating (what?)
What about immigration? (what?)
Politicians be hating (what?)
Racism in this nation’s gone
From latent to blatant!

IN THE HEIGHTS is a musical and a film that never forgets to be either one of those things and does both of those things very well. It is filled with both…

Prolonged silent stare — Barry

Barry is a drug dealer, reprobate, and not a very nice guy who lives in Cape Town with his wife, who’s normally very angry with him, and his child, who he barely acknowledges. One night, an alien spaceship does that whole light tractor beam thing and suddenly Barry is their test subject. When Barry returns to Earth, he has a passenger within him. The passenger takes full advantage as various Earth people tempt Barry/Alien with the many of the sensual delights of the planet. What do the aliens want? Will Barry ever come back? Does…

“But someone’s got to be the asshole.”- Rainer Werner Fassbinder

ENFANT TERRIBLE is a biopic of the great German film director Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Fassbinder was a notoriously difficult and creative artist who was frequently abusive and who abused drugs and alcohol. Like many others, he worshipped the French New Wave directors like Jean Luc Godard and only wanted to work with the kind of freedom that Godard had from the rules and the standards of filmmaking. He lived for his art in a way that laid waste to his life and he laid waste to the lives of others…

“AH! You dirty damping bastard!”

THE BOYS FROM COUNTY HELL has done what many movies have the opportunity to do, but don’t because of the formula that exists in the horror genre to tell a vampire tale. Out of pride in their land and in spite of Bram Stoker, they have decided to tell a very funny and different Irish vampire tale.

DOLPHIN ISLAND is a family film and I know that’s not usually my beat, but the film is made to benefit survivors of a hurricane, has a cute dolphin, and I like to throw you a curveball every once and a while. Here’s the trailer:

DOLPHIN ISLAND stars Peter Woodward (THE PATRIOT, NATIONAL TREASURE) as Jonah Coleridge, Tyler Jade Nixon (DOLPHIN KICK) as Annabel Coleridge, Dionne Lea Williams (NO BAD DAYS) as Desaray Rolle, Bob Bledsoe (Parks And Recreation) as Robert Carbunkle, Esq., David Raizor (YOU CAN’T TAKE MY DAUGHTER), and introducing Aaron Burrows (Mateo Rolle) and Annette Duncan…



VIOLATION is a film written and directed by the team of Madeleine Sims-Fewer and Dusty Macinelli. I have written before about the progression of the rape/revenge film for the Patreon based journal We Are Horror. I’m very glad to be able to let you know that VIOLATION is the horror drama that is the rape/revenge subgenre’s next and very exciting leap forward. The film is now screening on Shudder. Here is the trailer:

Miriam (Madeleine Sims-Fewer) is a woman who is married to Caleb (Obi Abili), a marriage that seems destined for divorce, and who has a…

Has there ever been an exploitation film about exploitation? I’m not sure. However, with Elza Kephart’s SLAXX, there certainly is one now.

“Could you not die on the show floor, please?”

Romane Denis (Slut In A Good Way) plays Libby McClean, a naïve but principled woman who finally gets the job of her dreams at Canadian Cotton Clothiers, one of those companies whose success is built on a buzzword heavy claims of social consciousness via buying their products. After a short prologue, Libby is shown happily showing up for her first shift which is an overnight stocking event for MONDAY MADNESS, a yearly sales event, that is also the…

Dolores Quintana

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